Holiday information for children with Special Needs


Oakleigh School understands that finding holiday provisions that meet the needs of our families can sometimes be a frustrating and fruitless process.

Oakleigh School - Holiday Information Booklet Pic 1For some families, physical access issues may be a priority, with hoists to swimming pools, baths, beds, etc of great importance.

For others a safe and enclosed place for a child to play, with a clearly structured environment, is essential.

Some people children may need oxygen on site, whilst others may appreciate accommodation which caters for a child with a visual disability.

We have compiled this booklet containing information on many types of holiday accommodation, both catered and self-catering, for varying budgets, both in this country and abroad.

There is also a section containing information on organisations which provide staffed holidays for children with disabilities.

We have also included some suggestions of organisations which may be able to help with funding and holiday insurance plus a section about flying.

It not an exhaustive list, but we hope that, together, it all provides a useful starting point and that the different needs of all of our families are met by at least some of these suggestions.

We cannot recommend or endorse any specific accommodation as we have never visited them, but all contact details and links are provided for you to explore.*

We hope that you will find it useful.

Happy holidays!!

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Other Holiday Information

Although we cannot recommend or endorse any specific resource or website these websites may also be of interest:

  • A parent of a child who used to come to Oakleigh has a wheelchair accessible villa in Cyprus and is happy to make a donation to the school for each Oakleigh booking. For more information please download the Villa Info May 2016 PDF document.
  • Horton Women's Holiday Centre - Providing affordable holidays for women and children since 1980.
  • Alice's Escapes - Based in the beautiful South Lakes, this charity provides family holidays for seriously ill children.

* Information accurate as of July 2012