Oakleigh School's Extended Services

We run a number of extended services from Oakleigh School.

  • OOPS (Oakleigh Opportunities Play Scheme)
    Oops was set up in 1998 by the parents and staff of Oakleigh School and Acorn to provide a safe, clean and fun environment for the children to come to during the holidays. We are a registered charity and although we do get some funding from Barnet through the short breaks scheme, we are only able to stay open because of the extensive fundraising that the committee does. All of the parents whose children come to Oops are automatically part of this committee. [more info]
  • The After School Club (ASC)
    The After School Club (ASC) was set up in 2009 by the Staff at Oakleigh School to provide the Children at Oakleigh with one night's ASC per week. [More info]
  • Parent/Carer Workshops
    The workshops aim to develop and support the Oakleigh parent community. Richard Barton's role as a workshop facilitator is to allow people to have a space to talk and a chance to listen to each other.More info]